“Vision for the Stars” (so “No One is Left Behind”): 
Sale of Iris pin, Sale of Iris Ornament
Flower and Dog Show – A Walk in the Garden
Golf Outing for the Stars
District Projects
Sale of baked goods at Conferring of the Degrees

2017 Vision for Stars Power Point Slide Show (Click Here)

2017 Vision for Stars Power Point Slide Show PDF VERSION(Click Here)

Script for 2017 Vision for Stars Slide Show (Click Here)

Here is a video filmed during the naming ceremony of the Institute back in 2013. It talks about the team that will be working vision loss research at the Institute https://youtu.be/qp1lC8hurcg?t=70

Blood Donation:  Increase awareness and promote blood donation and/or set up a blood drive

Sale of red/white/blue cross pin
Sale of nuts by Grand Officers at receptions (Grand Officer ESTARL fund)
Sale of note cards

Sale of pug pin
Collection of pop tabs
Activities with the Youth

Port-a-cath pillows
Stuffed toys to the EMS for children needing EMS services

Eastern Star Masonic Home: 
Sale of March Music & CDs
Fall picnic/auction – September 10, 2017

Barthell OES Home: 
Sale of March Music & CDs
Spring picnic/plant sale & auction – June 4, 2017

Grand Chapter:     
Pave-a-Memory brick proceeds

Session Name:      
Stairway to the Stars - October 19 – 22, 2017
The Meadows Hotel & Convention Center, Altoona, Iowa

Daily Guide:          
Serenity Prayer:  Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change Courage to change the things I can and Wisdom to know the difference.

Motto: We will serve the Lord in all things

Theme:  Many friends will walk into our lives, but only true friends will stay and work together in the rough times.

Aim:  It takes everyone working and believing together to grow into the future.

Watch Words:  Faith, Hope. Love, Charity, Patience, Wisdom, Peace

Travel Emblems:  Holy Bible, Baton & Baton Holder, Gavel

Colors:  Hunter Green, Purple, with Silver/Gold accents

Flowers:  Iris, Pansy, Lilac, Violet, Lily of the Valley

Symbols:  Dogs (especially Pugs), Rabbits, Hard hat, Iris, Dove

Fun Symbols   Telescope, Binoculars, Dog Bone/Biscuit, Water Dish, Nurse Items

Honor Stations:  Marshal, Adah, Esther & Sentinel

Honor Groups: 50 Year Members, Veterans

Eastern Star Trip:  “New England in the Summer” with Tri-State Travel (will need passport) – June 19 thru June 27.  Itinerary, information and reservation packets available from Betty & Bill Briggs Jane Green, Connie Keyt and John & Claudia Hauser (Click here to see more about the trip)

2017 General Grand Chapter Projects

Regenerative Medicine

Support for First Responders