2017 Grand Officers

2017 Star Gazers Grand Family

2017 Star Gazers

These are the 2017 Grand Officers:  (front row, left to right)  Polly Miller, Associate Grand Conductress; Bev Smith, Grand Treasurer; Ellen Knupp, Associate Grand Matron; Jane Green, Worthy Grand Matron; John Hauser, Worthy Grand Patron; Charlie Young, Associate Grand Patron; Nancy Niday, Grand Secretary;, Jean Koss, Grand Conductress;  (second row, left to right) Edith Lenehan, Grand Adah; Cynthia Hagmeier, Grand Ruth; Becky Woolery, Grand Esther; Kathi Heath, Grand Martha; Jody Mangler, Grand Electa;  (third row, left to right)  Tom Rice, Grand Chaplain; Kenny Wogomon, Grand Marshal; Linda Hascall, Grand Organist; Mike Wood, Grand Warder; and Jeff Johnson, Grand Sentinel.


Worthy Grand Matron - Jane Green



Worthy Grand Patron - John Hauser



Associate Grand Matron - Ellen Knupp



Associate Grand Patron - Charlie Young



Grand Secretary - Nancy Niday



Grand Treasurer - Beverly Smith



Grand Conductress - Jean Koss



Associate Grand Conductress - Polly Miller



Grand Chaplain - Tom Rice



Grand Marshal - Ken Wogomon



Grand Organist - Linda Hascall



Grand Adah - Edith Lenehan



Grand Ruth - Cynthia Hagmeier



Grand Esther - Becky Woolery



Grand Martha - Kathi Heath



Grand Electa - Joleen Mangler



Grand Warder - Mike Wood



Grand Sentinel  - Everett Johnson


2017 Star Gazers Information Plans and Projects
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2017 Vision for Stars Power Point Slide Show (Click Here)

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Script for 2017 Vision for Stars Slide Show (Click Here)

Here is a video filmed during the naming ceremony of the Institute back in 2013. It talks about the team that will be working vision loss research at the Institute